Descriptions of Guidance Topics

Topic Title Includes advice on Health Categories? Includes advice on Research Activity Codes?sort icon Label(s)
Sexual health Yes No Sexual health
Alcohol consumption Yes No Alcohol
Vertigo and disorders of balance Yes No Balance, Vertigo
Patients used as case study examples Yes No Case studies
Cerebral palsy and spina bifida Yes No Cerebral palsy, Spina bifida
Cholesterol Yes No Cholesterol
Congenital disorders and inherited syndromes Yes No Congenital disorders, Syndromes
Diet, obesity and nutrition Yes No Diet, Nutrition, Obesity
Ear and hearing Yes No Ear, Hearing
Thromboses and embolisms Yes No Embolisms, Thromboses
Physical activity and exercise Yes No Exercise, Physical activity
Eye and vision Yes No Eye, Vision
Topics spanning multiple diseases and categories Yes No Multiple diseases
Studies on muscle and the neuromuscular junction Yes No Muscle, Neuromuscular disorders
Studies of TSEs, BSE, CJD and prion protein Yes No Prions, TSEs
Pulmonary hypertension Yes No Pulmonary hypertension
Studies of sepsis Yes No Sepsis
Disease sequelae, consequences and side effects Yes No Sequelae, Side effects
Smoking and tobacco Yes No Smoking, Tobacco
Vasculitis Yes No Vasculitis
Atherosclerosis Yes No Atherosclerosis
Economic evaluation components in trials No Yes Economic evaluation
Methodologies, measurements and research designs No Yes Methodology, Research design
Resources and infrastructure No Yes Infrastructure, Resources
Cancer and conditions predisposing to cancer Yes Yes Cancer
Ageing No Yes Ageing
Animal welfare and replacing animals in research Yes Yes Animal welfare
Biomarkers and screening No Yes Biomarkers, Screening
Cell cycle and DNA repair Yes Yes Cell cycle, DNA repair
Developmental biology Yes Yes Developmental biology
Education No Yes Education
Foetal development, pregnancy and 'in utero' studies Yes Yes Foetal development, Pregnancy
Wounds and healing Yes Yes Healing, Wounds
Immunology and the immune system No Yes Immunology
Infectious diseases Yes Yes Infection
Neuropsychology Yes Yes Neuropsychology
Pain Yes Yes Pain
Pharmaceuticals outside the therapeutic context No Yes Pharmaceuticals
Policy No Yes Policy
Disease effects of pollution and environmental hazards Yes Yes Pollution, Radiation
Differentiating secondary and primary prevention No Yes Prevention
Quality of life components in trials No Yes Quality of life
Stem cell research No Yes Stem cells
Nutritional and vitamin supplements No Yes Supplements
Surgical procedures No Yes Surgical procedures
Measures of treatment effectiveness No Yes Treatment effectiveness
Trials No Yes Trials