Definitions of Research Activity Codes

Code Group Includes
8 Health and Social Care Services Research

Research into the provision and delivery of health and social care services, health policy and studies of research design, measurements and methodologies

Codesort icon Includes
8.5 Resources and infrastructure (health services)
  • development and distribution of resources for use by the community including informatics systems
  • infrastructure support for networks, trials, consortia and centres
8.4 Research design and methodologies

Development of research designs and novel methodologies for health care including treatment, management and health services research

  • analytical innovation, methodological research, statistical methods and modelling
  • development of research measurements including outcome measures
  • development of methods of research assessment and evaluation
  • development and evaluation of research designs and methodologies
8.3 Policy, ethics and research governance
  • evaluation of local, regional and national healthcare policy
  • impact of legislation
  • synthesis and evaluation of evidence to inform policy
  • dissemination and implementation of research evidence
  • research ethics including use of personal data and biological material, consent and confidentiality
  • research governance and regulation processes including interpretation of guidelines
  • issues surrounding research subjects and donor recruitment
8.2 Health and welfare economics

Economic evaluation of health and social care interventions and delivery including

  • cost-benefit analysis of services including economic modelling
  • cost effectiveness or economic feasibility of implementing new interventions or technologies within health services
  • economic assessment of service productivity and outcomes
  • health care costs
  • development and evaluation of economic models of health care
8.1 Organisation and delivery of services

Examining the organisation and provision of health and social care services and evaluating factors affecting the quality of care

  • workforce and career issues
  • organisation and management of services
  • access to health and social care and geographical variations in outcomes
  • effectiveness of different care settings and models of service delivery
  • evaluating quality of care including patient safety issues
  • evaluation of experiences of service users
  • assessment of current and future health care demands
  • development and evaluation of interventions to improve services