Definitions of Research Activity Codes

Code Group Includes
7 Management of Diseases and Conditions

Research into individual care needs and management of disease, conditions or ill health

Codesort icon Includes
7.1 Individual care needs

Studies of patients and service user care needs including

  • quality of life, management of acute and chronic symptoms, management of side effects, rehabilitation, long term morbidity and reproductive issues
  • psychological impact of illness
  • social and economic consequences of ill health
  • behaviour affecting disease management including secondary prevention, compliance to treatment and attitudes and beliefs relating to seeking treatment
  • assessment of social care and health services needs
  • educational or communication interventions to promote self-care or improve health care by carers
  • impact on carers
7.2 End of life care

Studies involving all issues related to palliative care and end of life care including

  • assessment of patient, service user and carer needs
  • provision and evaluation of palliative and end of life care services
  • quality of life for patients and carers
  • evaluation of interventions for health and social care professionals
  • social, economic and policy issues
  • pain management for terminally ill people
  • bereavement
7.3 Management and decision making

Studies into all aspects of the management of diseases, ill health and conditions by health and social care professionals

  • attitudes, beliefs and behaviours of health and social care professionals
  • investigation of decision making including factors influencing diagnosis, treatment, referral and management strategies
  • educational interventions and communication practices
  • development of guidelines, interventions or models to assist decision making and management, including identifying symptoms, predicting outcomes and identifying individuals at risk
  • testing and evaluating management regimes and strategies
7.4 Resources and infrastructure (disease management)
  • development and/or distribution of resources and equipment for use by the community including informatics systems
  • infrastructure support for trials, networks, consortia and centres