Definitions of Research Activity Codes

Code Group Includes
5 Development of Treatments and Therapeutic Interventions

Discovery and development of therapeutic interventions and testing in model systems and preclinical settings

Codesort icon Includes
5.9 Resources and infrastructure (development of treatments)
  • development and/or distribution of resources for general use by the research community including equipment, cell lines, tissue and DNA banks
  • infrastructure support for networks, consortia and centres
5.8 Complementary

Discovery and development of complementary approaches to conventional medical therapies including

  • hypnotherapy, meditation, massage, acupuncture and homeopathy
  • mechanisms of action
  • testing in model systems
5.7 Physical

Development of physical interventions including

  • physical therapies, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, dietetics, exercise and osteopathy
  • mechanisms of action
  • testing in model systems
5.6 Psychological and behavioural

Development of psychological and behavioural interventions including

  • cognitive behavioural therapy, electro-convulsive therapy, counselling, therapy and social interventions
  • testing in model systems
5.5 Radiotherapy

Discovery and development of interventions including

  • radiobiology, radiotherapy, radioimmunotherapy, radiosensitisers, microwaves, ultrasound, laser and phototherapy
  • development of delivery systems
  • investigation of mechanisms of action and side effects
  • testing in in vitro and in vivo model systems
5.4 Surgery

Development of surgical, obstetric and dental interventions including

  • histocompatability, transfusions, transplantations including xenograft studies and bone marrow transplants
  • mechanisms of recovery, tolerance, rejection and side effects including infection
  • testing in in vitro and in vivo model systems
5.3 Medical devices

Discovery and development of medical devices including

  • implantable devices, mobility aids, dressings, medical equipment and prostheses
  • biological safety assessments and investigation of adverse events
  • sterilisation and decontamination of equipment or surfaces
  • testing in in vitro and in vivo model systems
5.2 Cellular and gene therapies

Discovery and development of cellular, tissue and gene therapies including

  • gene therapy, stem cells therapy, in vitro fertilisation and tissue engineering
  • development of delivery systems
  • development of culture systems
  • testing in in vitro and in vivo model systems
5.1 Pharmaceuticals

Identification and development of pharmaceutical small molecules, therapeutic vaccines, antibodies and hormones including

  • drug screening and development of delivery systems
  • mechanism of action including side effects and drug resistance
  • pharmacogenetics, prediction of genetic variation and responses to drugs
  • testing in in vitro and in vivo model systems