Definitions of Research Activity Codes

Code Group Includes
4 Detection, Screening and Diagnosis

Discovery, development and evaluation of diagnostic, prognostic and predictive markers and technologies

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4.1 Discovery and preclinical testing of markers and technologies

Discovery, development and preclinical testing of novel markers (that may be derived from patient samples) and technologies for use in detection, diagnosis, prediction, prognosis and monitoring including

  • biological and psychological markers
  • diagnostic and monitoring devices, imaging, scanning, predictive and diagnostic tests
  • development and characterisation of models
  • diagnostic measures and methodologies
4.2 Evaluation of markers and technologies

Testing and evaluation of markers and technologies in humans for use in detection, diagnosis, prediction, prognosis and monitoring in clinical, community or applied settings including

  • assessment of sensitivity, efficacy, specificity, predictive and prognostic value, reproducibility and safety
  • medical devices, imaging, diagnostic and predictive tests
  • evaluation of diagnostic models, methods and methodologies in clinical or applied settings
4.3 Influences and impact

Studies investigating impact of screening and factors affecting uptake including

  • attitudes and beliefs including cultural and religious practices
  • issues relating to gender, age and ethnicity
  • genetic counselling and decision making
  • psychological, social and economic factors
  • development, implementation and evaluation of interventions to promote screening including policy, education and communication
4.4 Population screening

Studies investigating population screening programmes including

  • feasibility studies, pilot studies and trials
  • evaluation of effectiveness, benefits and economic evaluation
  • impact on health services and policy issues
  • models of population surveillance
4.5 Resources and infrastructure (detection)
  • development and/or distribution of resources for use by the research community including equipment, cell lines, tissue and DNA banks, and informatics systems
  • infrastructure support for research trials, networks, consortia and centres