Definitions of Research Activity Codes

Code Group Includes
3 Prevention of Disease and Conditions, and Promotion of Well-Being

Research aimed at the primary prevention of disease, conditions or ill health, or promotion of well-being

Codesort icon Includes
3.1 Primary prevention interventions to modify behaviours or promote well-being

Development, implementation and evaluation of interventions to modify personal or group behaviours and lifestyles affecting health and well-being including

  • risk behaviours associated with diet, tobacco use, physical activity, alcohol consumption, sexual health and substance misuse
  • age, gender, cultural or religious practices
  • public health policy, health communication and educational interventions
  • behavioural, psychological, social and physical interventions
3.2 Interventions to alter physical and biological environmental risks

Development, implementation and evaluation of interventions surrounding physical, biological and environmental risk factors including

  • radiation, second-hand smoke, physical and chemical agents, occupational hazards and environmental surroundings
  • contraceptive devices
  • infectious agents
  • policy, educational and physical interventions
3.3 Nutrition and chemoprevention

Research on chemopreventative agents and health protective effects of nutrients including

  • development, characterisation and mechanism of action
  • chemical contraceptives
  • testing and evaluation in model systems and clinical, applied and community settings
  • evaluation of evidence to inform policy
3.4 Vaccines

Research on vaccines for prevention of disease including

  • discovery, development and testing of vaccines and vaccination in model systems
  • mechanism of action
  • development, implementation and evaluation of vaccination programmes and studies to increase uptake
  • decision making, outcomes from vaccination and evaluation of evidence to inform policy
3.5 Resources and infrastructure (prevention)
  • development and/or distribution of resources for use by the research community including equipment, cell lines, tissue and DNA banks
  • infrastructure to support research trials, networks, consortia and centres