Definitions of Research Activity Codes

Code Group Includes
1 Underpinning Research

Research that underpins investigations into the cause, development, detection, treatment and management of diseases, conditions and ill health

Code Includes
1.1 Normal biological development and functioning

Studies of normal biology including

  • genes and gene products
  • molecular, cellular and physiological structures and function
  • biological pathways and processes including normal immune function
  • developmental studies and normal ageing
  • bioinformatics and structural studies
  • development and characterisation of model systems
1.2 Psychological and socioeconomic processes

Studies that do not address health directly but cover issues that may have a bearing on health and well-being including

  • perception, cognition and learning processes
  • social and cultural beliefs
  • individual or group characteristics and behaviours
  • politics, economies and urban development
  • development and characterisation of model systems
1.3 Chemical and physical sciences

Research in chemical and physical sciences that may lead to the future development of diagnostic tools or medical treatments including

  • bioengineering and biophysics
  • chemical structures, interactions and properties
  • molecular modelling
  • material science
1.4 Methodologies and measurements

Development of novel underpinning research measures and analytical methodologies including

  • development of statistical methods and algorithms for genomic analysis
  • development of mapping methodologies and novel data comparison methods
  • development of biological, psychological and socioeconomic research measures
1.5 Resources and infrastructure (underpinning)
  • development and/or distribution of resources for use by the research community including equipment, cell lines, DNA banks, and genomic and proteomic sequence resources
  • infrastructure to support research networks, consortia and centres