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1.1 Normal biological development and functioning

Studies of normal biology including

  • genes and gene products
  • molecular, cellular and physiological structures and function
  • biological pathways and processes including normal immune function
  • developmental studies and normal ageing
  • bioinformatics and structural studies
  • development and characterisation of model systems

To be used for research involving normal biological function including the following:

  • basic immune and pain responses and wound healing studies that are not linked to a specific disease/condition stimulus
  • normal ageing or pregnancy not linked to a condition
  • normal stem cell research into differentiation and basic developmental biology of stem cells not linked to therapeutic development
  • protein structural studies
  • bioinformatics
  • normal cell cycle and DNA replication and repair

Excludes studies characterising proteins or pathways linked to a condition or disease.

Excludes studies of processes associated to cancer which are rarely normal.