UK Health Research Analysis 2014

Uk Health Research Analysis 2014

Welcome to the UK Health Research Analysis 2014 main page

This webpage is the location for UK Health Research Analysis 2014 report and all supporting information.

It includes the analysis dataset, supplementary articles, slide set and cover image.

The UK Health Research Analysis 2014 replicates and enhances the data collection and analysis process used in previous reports. These changes include:

  • Wider Participation - The number of funders participating in the analysis has increased from the original 12 to 64 charitable and public funders of health research.
  • Improved Infrastructure Assessment - The process to record and assess indirect supportive funding has been updated to allow easier data submission and more consistent definition of indirect funding. This includes capital funding, infrastructure, personal awards and other similar funds that support researchers and the capacity for performing health research.
  • Increased Reliability - Coding verification procedures were applied to 30 per cent of the dataset, consisting of over 17,000 awards.
  • Greater Data Availability - A full dataset will be made available in due course to allow for follow up analysis and further investigations.

Together these changes provide the most comprehensive overview of non-commercial health research funding in the UK to date.

The UK Health Research Analysis 2014 Downloads

The UK Health Research Analysis was released on the 20th of August 2015, consisting of the following files:

Further releases of supplementary information, additional sub-analyses and any updates to the report will also be hosted here. We recommend those interested bookmark this page and check back regularly, particular in the first few months post-release.

In addition dissemination activities relating to this report, including further analysis and re-use of the dataset, are referenced in a dedicated news page.

If you have any questions regarding the Uk Health Research Analysis 2014, please contact Dr. James Carter at the MRC via: