From Donation to Innovation

From Donation to Innovation: an analysis of AMRC Charity Funders

From Donation To Innovation Medical research charities play an important role in funding health research in the UK. The UKCRC’s 2006 UK Health Research Analysis report included the government funders of health related research and the three largest medical research charities: the Wellcome Trust, Cancer Research UK and the British Heart Foundation.

In 2007, the UKCRC published From Donation to Innovation, an in-depth analysis of research funded by medium and smaller sized members of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC). Based on the Health Research Classification System (HRCS) developed for the original analysis, this report provides a breakdown of spending by 29 charities on all types of health research. Taken together, the two reports give an accurate overview of 96% of AMRC members’ research funds.

From Donation to Innovation is a ‘snapshot’ of the directly funded peer-reviewed health research of the participating organisations between 1st April 2004 and 31st March 2005.

It includes: a breakdown of spending on all types of health research (from basic to clinical) across all areas of health and disease details of the distribution of funding within individual areas of health and disease

The information in the report is valuable for: informing individual charities’ future strategic funding decisions allowing charities to compare their research spending with that of other funders facilitating collaboration between health research funders showing donors, patients and researchers how charity research funds are spent gaining a better overall picture of the charity sector contribution to UK health research

The figure below shows the distribution of total spend by HRCS Research Activity in both From Donation to Innovation and the original UK Health Research Analysis 2004/05:

 Distribution by Research Activity