2014 Data Collection Guidelines


January 2015: Following discussions at the last HRAF meeting the involvement of UberResearch in the project has been modified from its original intention. As such the MRC and UberResearch have put together a summary of the changes that have been made (largely discussed at the last HRAF meeting). Please see the statement of changes for the full details.

Executive Summary

This website is used as a resource for coders and for those involved in producing the UKCRC HRCS reports.

This section of the website contains the information required to complete and submit a dataset for the UKCRC HRCS Report 2014. There is also a page
containing the historical data requirements from the 2009/10 Report.

As a result, this page has been split into five subpages:

The HRCS Report 2014 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This gives a general background to how and why the report is being made, including some explanations about the process of coding, data collection, quality
control and analysis.

This is the best place to start for newcomers to the HRCS reporting process.

The HRCS Report 2014 Guidelines for Dataset Submission

This gives specific instructions and guidance for producing a dataset for the 2014 analysis.

The HRCS Report 2014 Data Usage and Publicity Statement

This contains some specifics about how the data collected for the analysis is stored, who owns it, who can access it, and how any subsequent analysis using
the datasets must acknowledge the report.

Previous Data Analysis Guidelines

This is a repository for previous guidelines for the data submission process, primarily from the 2009/10 report. It is intended for historical reference
only, not for use in conjunction with the current 2014 report.

Updates for WIP Data Collection

Any updates to the Guidelines / FAQs since their release on 25/11/14 will be reported here. They mostly consist of answers to questions from coders or analysts producing the datasets.

The official documents listed below are free to download for anyone involved in the coding or data collection process for the 2014 report.

Report 2014 - Data Publicity

Report 2014 - Data Submission Guidelines

Report 2014 - FAQ

Report 2014 - Data Entry Spreadsheet

To download the PDF/xlsx files, right click and chose the ‘save link as…’ option.