Principles of data use

It is our intention for the HRCS Report 2014 will use the principles defined in the 2009/10 report regarding data ownership and management[1]. These are:

· Data collected in the course of this work is owned by the organisations funding the research and are held in confidence by the MRC.

· Data owners agree to allow data sets be made available online to facilitate further analysis (see the HRCS Report 2014 Guidelines for Submission for specific details).

· Further details of individual awards will not be circulated or published without agreement from the participating organisations.

· Any further analyses must be fully acknowledged and cited to the UKCRC (see page 3 for details).

· Any further analyses abide by the HRCS conditions of use (see page 3).

By submitting data for this report, organisations will be agreeing to these underlying principles of data publicity.

Auto-coding and the involvement of UberResearch

HRAF have decided to work with the UberResearch auto-coding system in as much of the QC process as possible. A full description of this process can be found in the HRCS Report 2014 FAQ.

Funders who wish to use this function will need to be aware of the additional data publicity requirements and how the information will be used.

Benefits of auto-coding

UberResearch will provide us (at no cost to us) with a method to shorten the lengthy coding/QC coding process and the data they gain from our responses will feedback into their algorithms for making the selection of HC codes better in the future.

Additional requirements

The dataset import onto the UberResearch system will require some additional data points become public beyond that required for ‘standard’ HRCS analysis. This includes PI name, Institute and award start/end dates.

Data publicity and UberResearch

Our intention is to encourage as many funders as possible to agree to their portfolio being imported to UberResearch’s database. Given there are some concerns on public availability, please be aware of the following points:

• UberResearch’s system is a subscription only service, so is not openly obtainable. However it is still available to whoever pays for it and therefore considered a public database.

• The data are, under normal circumstances, populated from major public databases that the most participating funders already subscribe to (e.g. EuroPubMed). These data sources contain the same extra information we are requesting, but will not be as up-to-date as the HRCS datasets submitted.

• UberResearch have a legal agreement with all subscribers / collaborators that the data will never be sold or otherwise transferred beyond the control of the subscriber and/or UberResearch. We would ensure all funders would be signed up under this agreement. See Annex 1 for their standard data sharing agreement.

• Irrespective of whether funders agree to providing the additional data for import to UberResearch, there will still be the core requirement of having ‘standard’ HRCS data available publically (e.g. grant codes, titles, abstracts).

• All ‘standard’ data will be made fully available via the HRCS website (as per the last report).

• It will be up to individual funders whether their data is migrated to the UberResearch Dimensions database. See the HRCS Report 2014 FAQ for further details.

Acknowledging use of this data

As with all previous HRCS reports, this data is made available on the condition that the UKCRC is acknowledged in any publication using the citation "Data taken from the UK Health Research Analysis 2014 (UK Clinical Research Collaboration, 2015)” and include a hyperlink to the 2014 Report on the HRCS website.

The UK charity and public sector funding organisations that provided this data are interested in any work which makes use of the information. This feedback will be helpful in making the case to continue to compile data. You can let the UKCRC know that you are using the data by email via

HRCS: Conditions of use

The Health Research Classification System itself is open source. You are free to use and distribute the HRCS but you should not alter it or use it for commercial benefit.

Accordingly, all content on the HRCS website, including supporting documentation, is licensed for use under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 England & Wales Licence.

The MRC and information requests

It is important for all participatory organisations to take note that this project is coordinated and managed by the MRC. As such, the project falls under the same data principles as other MRC work. Please note the data ownership is retained by the funding organisation that provided it.

All information managed by the MRC and the other research councils are kept in line with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998. In addition, as public bodies the research councils are also subject to the Freedom of Information Act (2000). Should we receive any requests for information relating to the HRCS project which are not already publicly available, the MRC will aim to consult with the data owners as soon as possible when considering how to respond. The MRC will never publicise data that is owned by another organisation without that organisation’s approval.

The MRC has a policy of publication of all MRC awards via Gateway to Research, which includes award details such as PI names, organisations, abstracts, values and outcomes. In addition, as with other large funders, the MRC links its award funding with publications via Europe PubMed Central. Further details of these two methods of publication are available in Annex 2. Please note this relates to MRC awards only, and it is not our intention to publish other funders awards in this manner. This information is included here to as an example of how award information enters the public domain.

Annex 1 – UberResearch’s Standard Data Sharing Agreement

The company ÜberResearch GmbH. (“UR”) is working with __________________________________, (“Funder”) to include Funder’s grant awards data that Funder chooses to share (“Public Awards Data”) into the ÜberResearch Grants Award Database (“DB”) for participation in the ÜberWizard for ORCID and the Data Sharing Consortium. UberResearch clearly cites all sources of data, and when feasible, provides links back to the primary source.

Funder is giving UR the right to include Public Awards Data in the DB.

UR recommends, and Funder acknowledges the recommendation, that Funder only include fields in the Public Awards Data which Funder considers to be public information and non-confidential. Any data or fields which Funder decides to integrate into the DB, but funder considers to be confidential information must clearly be marked CONFIDENTIAL.

Funder acknowledges that the DB is used to populate the ORCID Funding Wizard created by UR (“ÜberWizard”.) UberResearch built and maintains the UberWizard as a benefit to the entire research ecosystem, reducing burden on researchers to have robust ORCID records, and for funders, institutions and all organizations that participate and benefit from the unique ORCID identifiers.

Funder acknowledges that the ORCID website is a public website, thus exposing Public Awards Data to the general public through the Internet. Funder acknowledges and grants UR the right to use the Public Awards Data provided for the DB in engagements with ORCID and in engagements with other participating Funders (“Data Sharing Consortium”).

UR acknowledges and agrees that any fields marked Confidential by Funder will not be used by ORCID, or in any other engagement, unless specifically approved in writing or email, by an authorized representative of the Funder.

Annex 2 – Gateway to Research and Europe PubMed Central

Publishing information in the RCUK Gateway to Research

The RCUK Gateway to Research ( provides access to information on research council funded awards, this includes:

a. the names of the investigators and research organisations

b. the project tile, abstracts and technical summary (where available), impact summary

c. the total value and duration of the award(s)

d. outcomes and publications

The gateway is open for anyone to search, download and use data in line with the Open Government Licence v2.0, except where otherwise stated. See the pages on data and the data dictionary for further information on output data made available via the gateway.

Sharing links with Europe PubMed Central

Links between publications and research council funding will be shared across the Europe PubMed Central ( and Researchfish datasets to reduce duplicate requests to researchers and duplicate reporting.

Information on publications submitted to Researchfish may be copied into Europe PubMed Central and links established in Europe PubMed Central or extracted from publication acknowledgements may be copied into Researchfish.

[1] UK Health Research Analysis 2009/10 Report