Generic Health Relevance

Research applicable to all diseases and conditions or to general health and well-being of individuals. Public health research, epidemiology and health services research that is not focused on specific conditions. Underpinning biological, psychosocial, economic or methodological studies that are not specific to individual diseases or conditions

The Generic category refers to research that is relevant to all diseases and conditions or to general health and well-being.

It is applicable to any research that can not be attributed to a particular disease or condition or to normal function of a specific type of cell or system.

If research is judged relevant to more than five Health Categories this category should be used.

If the main focus of the research is directed at several specified diseases and also has implications for many other conditions, the appropriate specific Health Categories should be used as well as applying the Generic category. (This does not apply to diseases that may be listed within the background information or are noted as 'being relevant' to the study under investigation - see the coding guidance on assigning Health Categories.)