All types of cancers (includes leukaemia)

Do not code to the site of the cancer. However if the research involves studying a condition that predisposes to cancer then it may be appropriate to code for this condition as well. Eg The role of Barrett's oesophagus in cancer would be 50% Oral and Gastrointestinal and 50% Cancer.

Similarly research on pathogens associated with the development of cancer should be coded 50% Cancer 50% Infection

Studies of the normal role of oncogenes, tumour suppressor genes, cell cycle checkpoints in a non diseased cell should be coded as 50% Generic and 50% Cancer.

Excludes general studies of angiogenesis which should be coded as Cardiovascular. However the development of anti-angiogenic drugs to inhibit tumour growth would be coded as Cancer.

Excludes normal studies of cell cycle and DNA replication and repair which should be coded as Generic.